Heather Brett

Heather Brett
Born Newfoundland, Canada, and raised in County Antrim. Has lived in the South of Ireland for twenty years, mainly Dublin, Monaghan and now Cavan. Started writing poetry in 1986 when she met Leland Bardwell in Tallaght. Has three collections to date ‘Abigail Brown’ ‘The Touch-Maker’ and ‘Green Monkey, Travelling’. Brett won The Brendan Behan Memorial prize with her first book ‘Abigail Brown’. Published in numerous magazines and anthologies here and abroad. Bluechrome Poet of the Year 2005.
Founder and editor of Windows Publications since 1992 and dedicated to the promotion of new voices, especially young writers.
Has been writer-in-resdience for Cavan, Drogheda and The Midlands Collaboration Project. Editor of some 10 anthologies of young peoples writing, including “Voices from the Hollow” (1, 2 and 3) and “Toadstools and Glue” (1,2,3 and 4) and “I Caught Fire”. Editor and co-ordinator of The Caught Bouquet, anthology and CD of poetry, commissioned music and contemporary artwork from artists in Cavan since Cathal Bui Mac Giolla Chunna to the present.
Currently accepting submissions for the forthcoming Windows Author & Artists Introduction Series No 10.
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Love Song

Ours is a seldom frequented skin.
It hangs alone
out there, waiting
where a peach sun sqats
and tints a sallow landscape
a Spanish rosé.
I’ll be your pear
in a flask of sweet wine
You be an orchard
on a sunny hillside
and time
will just waste away.
on normal days
we’ll dance the polyglide
with inherited patience,
left over symptoms
from some raw deal
and we’ll leave no shadow,
no imprint, no clue
as to who I am, as to who are you.
And I’ll be your pear
in a flask of sweet wine
You be my orchard
on a sunny hillside
and time,
time will just waste away.